Church Partnership Program

Partner With The First Hour!

Through a strategic “Free Book Church Program” in Ten Key States. Our goal is to distribute 500,000 Free Copies of “The First Hour” for men. 50,000 books per state through several key churches in each state.

We have seen the Impact of the First Hour and have watched this 30-day journey transform thousands of men and their families. We have also witnessed thousands more accept Christ for the first time. We believe there is not a more effective powerful way to create a “Revival” throughout the nation and through the churches, then through this unique outreach program.

With the success of “The First Hour Free Book” distribution program to date (135,000 books) and with your Church partnership, together we can achieve the goal of saving 500,000 lost souls “New Believers” in 2019 alone.

Church Advantages

In the past, we have seen the Churches experience a “significant growth” in their men’s ministry attendance in just a few short months after the “First Hour” program was shared with their Church. (see church event photos below)

The Church has also experienced men of their congregation become more motivated to get “Actively Involved in The Great Commission”, and share the Message of Jesus Christ with other lost men through “The First Hour” outreach program.

We are confident that “The First Hour” 30-Day Journey will motivate the men of your Church to do their part in “The Great Commission” and share this book with five men, two fellow believers and three unsaved. This will create an impact for generations to come.

Free Book Program!

“500,000 Copies”

With this simple “Proven Outreach Program” we are confident that the consistent current average of 20% of the men that receive their “Free Book” and experience the power and peace of giving God their first fruits each day, will keep their commitment to “purchase five books” to share with five other men. This will continue to “Duplicate” and create a movement to sweep the Nation with The Message of Jesus Christ (“Revival”) and continue to transform the lives of thousands of men and their families.

Prelude is committed to doing their part to help aggressively launch this Church Movement by giving your Church the opportunity to receive all the profits from the additional 5 book sales through your church or bookstores. Exclusively for this Church Partnership Program only, Prelude has committed to sell “The First Hour” for men to its Church Partners at a price of only $2.95 each for this 2019 initiative. The current wholesale price offered by our distributor Baker and Taylor to book retailers, including Barnes and Noble and other national Christian bookstore chains is $7.50. Barnes and Noble currently sells “The First Hour” for $14.95.

This will give your church or bookstore an unequaled advantage to sell “The First Hour” at a retail price of 40% to 50% less than the current national retailers, while allowing your church to make a “significant profit” to be utilized for other ministry and outreach efforts.

We ask that you partner with us today and provide a free copy of “The First Hour” to every man in your congregation! We are confident that you will see an impact from the men in your church like never before.  This is a time tested proven “Outreach marketing strategy” that is reaching the lost men of this Nation!

Church / Bookstore Revenue


Example – (1000 Men in Congregation)

1000 books ($2.95 each) – Total Church commitment $2950.00

As consistently proven in the past several years, “an average of 20%” of these men will keep their commitment to purchase five books.

1000 Free books x 20% = 200 men

200 x 5 books = 1000 additional books purchased from Church Bookstore.

Your church may sell the book at any retail price in which you decide, up to $14.95 listed retail price. For our example purposes only, we are using “Prelude’s suggested discount of 40% off retail price” ($8.97 each).

1000 books x $8.97 = $8970.00 (revenue)

1000 x $2.95 = $2950.00 (cost)

$6020.00 (Profit to Church) per 1000 books

The above numbers are based on 1000 men at a retail price of $8.95 (40% discount off retail).

The revenues can be significantly higher based on the retail price in which your Church chooses to sell the book for and the size of your congregation.

Example: 10,000 books at retail of $14.95 less the book cost of $2.95 = $120,000.00 Net Profit

Church Partnership Program – 2018

Smithtown Gospel Men’s Breakfast

627 Books

487 Registered/Books

Mark Koch Book Signing

Men’s Discipleship Network Conference N.Y.


1,973 Books

                Mariano Rivera “Fellow Speaker”

“2300″ Men in Attendance

Free Book Promotion

Men’s Discipleship Network Conference

N.Y. Breakout Session- 375 registered



  Additional Conference’s

Stockton, California

3,325 Books

Life Church Men’s Event

450 Books

Dallas Men’s Event

First Baptist Plano Men’s Beast Feast – Men, please plan on joining us on Saturday, October 13, at 7:00 p.m. in the Great Hall. You will enjoy a Prime Rib dinner with mashed potatoes, green beans almandine, rolls, tossed salad, and cheesecake.

John Stubbins – First Hour Advocate

with Mike Huckabee

Additional Events

Beast Feast – October 13, 2018

Annual Men’s Group Dinner Event

Attendance 200+

Featured Speaker – Testimony

Promote The First Hour – free book to all guests

The Gathering – November 16, 2018

Annual Businessmen’s Breakfast

Boca Raton, Florida

Attendance – 273

Featured Speaker – Testimony

Promote The First Hour – free book to all guests – 29 new decisions for Christ!

Numerous Event Invitations for 2019

The Huckabee Show – TBN Sunday Nights

2019 – Awaiting Schedule Confirmation