The First Hour

If You Heal The Man
He Will Heal His Family
The Family Will Heal The Nation

The First Hour for Men

With THE FIRST HOUR, Mark W. Koch gives men a simple pathway that will help them become a true man of God in every area of their lives. THE FIRST HOUR will help men better understand how to obey and serve God, how to grow closer to their family and friends, how to take better care of themselves physically and how to make the most of the gifts that God has given them.

This unique and simple 30-day study guide instructs men how to pray, what to pray for, how to spiritually guard and protect themselves and their families, and how to grow closer to God in their every day lives. THE FIRST HOUR is complete with Scriptures that are relative to today’s needs, inspiring daily readings of God’s Word, a list of daily prayers and a simple guide to help you plan and measure your time with God. THE FIRST HOUR will help transform your life and the lives of those around you.

A Simple Plan to Heal the Nation

Join the first hour movement and help us reach “One Million” men by the end of 2018.

If we all join together and do our part in the great commission. We can  begin to heal this nation. United in God we stand, divided from Him we fall. With God’s help and our commitment, America can return to “One Nation Under God.”

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"In these pages, Mark gives all men a step-by-step outline for spending a fulfilling hour a day with God, from spiritual enlightenment, to career development, to strengthening their message, to their own self worth. There isn't a fundamental area of a man's life that cannot be improved by following this 30-day study guide."

- Richard M. Devos, SR. Co-Founder, Amway Corporation

"Life can be challenging and stressful. As men we need to learn how to give God the first part of our day, so that when the pressure comes, we know how He would want us to respond. The First Hour study will help you be more prepared to live a life that honors God in your personal life, at home and at work. This study is simple and effective!"

- H. Wayne Huizenga, Jr. President, Huizenga Holdings, Inc. , Miami Dolphins

"Mark W. Koch's book "The First Hour for Men" is a simple and systematic guide for helping a man dedicate his day to the Lord. It's well organized and helps with the difficult task of living a Christ led life in this hectic, busy world.  There is a great need in any man's life for specific practical tools that truly help him grow in his Christian faith! "The First Hour" is one of the best tools out there."

- Norm Miller Interstate batteries

"Mark Koch has written a concise and thoughtful guide to strengthen you spiritually. He will inspire you to excellence in your spiritual pilgrimage. I highly recommend this helpful tool."

- Ken R. Canfield, Ph.D. Founder and  President, National Center for Fathering

"As Mark's Pastor, I have seen Mark flourish spiritually as he has dedicated his first hour of the day to God. I believe God can do the same thing in your life! I challenge you to take this 30-day journey. The First Hour will become the best hour of your day!"

- David Nelms, Ph.D. Founder and  President, The Timothy Initiative

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